Talks & Interviews

Amnesia in healthy people via hippocampal inhibition: A new forgetting mechanism January 14, 2021
Dr Michael Anderson's 19th EPS Mid-Career Prize Lecture.
Science Fiction Double Feature podcast July 08, 2019
Dr Michael Anderson discusses motivated forgetting and memory.

The Naked Scientists
The science of forgetting November 20, 2018
"Of course, severe memory loss can be devastating, but forgetting isn't always a bad thing. Some memories are painful or distracting to remember, and an ability to suppress these memories can be useful. Katie Haylor met forgetting expert Michael Anderson from Cambridge University."

BBC World Service
How training rats to forget can help humans November 08, 2018
Dr Michael Anderson on 'Science in Action' show 'Our Geological Junk' discussing the similarities between the way rats and human forget, and how understanding the active forgetting mechanisms could help in treating traumatic conditions.
Texas Public Radio
New Memory Science Shows That Sometimes, It's Better To Forget October 01, 2018
Subbu Sankarasubramanian and Dr Michael Anderson talking about Subbu's PhD project on the benefits of motivated forgetting and the potential of non-invasive brain stimulation to 'dial down' traumatic memories.

British Academy
Keeping a Spotless Mind: The neuroscience of "motivated forgetting" September 17, 2015
A joint British Academy/British Pschological Society Lecture by Dr Michael Anderson
SETI Institute
Big Picture Science Radio Show: Forget to Remember January 20, 2014

National Public Radio
The Importance Of Forgetting January 11, 2012
A discussion of the concept of adaptive forgetting, with Dr Michael Anderson and two other guests

BBC News
Overthinking 'disrupts golf putt' (the transcript) January 30, 2009
Radio interview with Dr Michael Anderson

Voice of America
How Learning a Second Language Inhibits the First, at Least Temporarily (the transcript) January 23, 2007
Radio interview with Ben Levy
Forgetting Memory May 19, 2001
Radio interview with Dr Michael Anderson

Press Articles

The New York Times

How to Forget Something

by Malia Wollan, May 04, 2021
Nature Outlook

The forgotten part of memory

by Lauren Gravitz, July 24, 2019
The Wall Street Journal

Why Forgetfulness Might Actually Help You

by Sue Shellenbarger, January 22, 2019

Need To Forget A Memory? Focus On A Competing One, New Study

by Andr´┐Ża Morris, November 07, 2018
Startups San Antonio

Mind Science Foundation Awards Neuroscience Researcher $30,000 at 'Magical' Pitch Competition

by Iris Gonzalez, October 02, 2018

Grand prize winner, Subbulakshmi Sankarasubramanian
PBS NewsHour

How alcohol, time and trying to forget trauma can change what we remember

by Nsikan Akpan, September 27, 2018
BPS Research Digest

For some, experiencing trauma may act as a form of cognitive training that increases their mental control

by Emma Young, August 22, 2018
BPS Research Digest

Researchers uncover a brain process that may help explain the curse of uncontrollable thoughts

by Alex Fradera, December 19, 2017
Business Insider UK

Neuroscientists have discovered an important clue about how we push away negative thoughts

by Erin Brodwin, November 7, 2017
Fox News

Can't stop thinking unwanted thoughts? This could be why

by Michael Harthorne, November 6, 2017

How Your Brain Helps You Stop Thinking About Something

by Kastalia Medrano, November 3, 2017
BBC News

Scientists find key to unwanted thoughts

November 3, 2017
Scientific American

Trying to Forget May Impair Memory

by Dinsa Sachan, September 1, 2016
Scientific American

Can We Learn How to Forget?

by Bahar Gholipour, August 1, 2016
World Economic Forum

What trying to suppress unwanted memories does to your brain

by Justin C. Hulbert, May 31, 2016

Inducing Amnesia of Daily Events by Trying to Forget Unwanted Memories

March 29, 2016
The Guardian

Suppressing traumatic memories can cause amnesia, research suggests

by Nicola Davis, March 15, 2016
Huff Post

If You Want to Remember More, Try Remembering Less

by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, June 4, 2015
Scientific American

Can Your Brain Really Be "Full"?

by Fiona Kumfor, Sicong Tu, June 2, 2015
The Guardian

The Homer Simpson effect: forgetting to remember

by Mo Costandi, April 25, 2015

Why Remembering Makes Us Forget

by David DiSalvo, April 8, 2015
BBC News

Repeated remembering 'wipes similar memories'

by Jonathan Webb, March 17, 2015
The New York Times

Memories Weaken Without Reinforcement, Study Finds

by Pam Belluck, March 16, 2015
Scientific American

Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Suppressed Unwanted Memories Are Harder to See

by Susana Martinez-Conde, January 17, 2015
Huff Post

Memory Study Shows Erasing Bad Thoughts May Be Possible

by Bahar Gholipour, May 20, 2014
Time Health

Study: Freud Was Wrong About Repressed Memories

by Alexandra Sifferlin, March 19, 2014
Science Daily

Suppressing unwanted memories reduces their unconscious influence on behavior

March 18, 2014
Scientific American

Trying to forget

by Ingrid Wickelgren, January/February, 2012

Unforgettable: Longing for a better memory? Be careful what you wish for

by Jessica Marshall, February 16, 2008
Science Daily

A New Language Barrier: Why Learning A New Language May Make You Forget Your Old One

January 18, 2007
The Dana Foundation

Recalling Freud: Researchers Uncover Voluntary Repression of Memories

by Hakon Heimer, March/April, 2005

Brain Has Biological Mechanism To Block Unwanted Memories

August 1, 2004

Science: An Irrepressible Idea

by Mary Carmichael, January 19, 2004
University Of Oregon

'Science' Showcases Research on Forgetting

January 15, 2004
Stanford News

Psychologists offer proof of brain’s ability to suppress memories

by Lisa Trei, January 14, 2004
BBC News

Brain 'can be trained to forget'

January 9, 2004

Brain is built to forget

by Keay Davidson, January 9, 2004
University Of Oregon

Forget About It: New Research Shows How the Mind Rids Itself of Unwanted Memories

October 13, 2001
US News

The Art of Forgetting: With effort, people can purge their memories

by Emily Sohn, March 26, 2001
The Scientist

Mimicking memory repression

by Kenneth Lee, March 20, 2001
The Lancet

Psychologists uncover suppressed-memory clues

by James Butcher, March 17, 2001

Easy to Forget

March 17, 2001

We can control memory

March 16, 2001