Scientific American Mind - January/February, 2012
Article describing the work of the memory control lab and related work

National Public Radio - January 11, 2012
Hear a discussion of the concept of adaptive forgetting, with Dr. Anderson and two other guests

BBC News - January 30, 2009
Overthinking Affects Golf Putt (read the transcript here)

NewScientist - February 16, 2008

Voice of America News - January 23, 2007
How Learning a Second Language Inhibits the First, at Least Temporarily (radio interview with Ben Levy)

Science Daily - January 18th, 2007
A New Language Barrier: Why Learning A New Language May Make You Forget Your Old One

The Dana Foundation's Brain Works - March/April 2005
Recalling Freud

Newsweek – January 19th, 2004
An Irrepressible Idea

BBC News - January 9th, 2004
Brain 'can be trained to forget' - January 9th, 2004
Brain Has Biological Mechanism To Block Unwanted Memories

San Francisco Chronicle - January 9th, 2004
Study suggests brain is built to forget

Stanford Report - January 8th, 2004
Research reveals brain has biological mechanism to block unwanted memories

University of Oregon - January 15th, 2004
'Science' Showcases Research on Forgetting

University of Oregon - October 13th, 2001
Forget About It: New Research Shows How the Mind Rids Itself of Unwanted Memories

Quirks & Quarks - May 19th, 2001
Forgetting Memory
Click here to hear a radio interview with Dr. Anderson.

USNews & World Report - March 26, 2001
The Art of Forgetting

The Scientist - March 20, 2001
Mimicking memory repression

The Lancet - March 17, 2001
Psychologists uncover suppressed-memory clues

New Scientist – March 17th, 2001
Easy to Forget

BBC News - March 16, 2001
'We can control memory'